My name is Siya, a cinematographer, camera operator, however you choose to classify it, fundamentally, the exertion is behind the scenes. I began working late in 2008 as an intern for VisionView Productions under the eyes of Athol Wilson, who was the Senior Camera man. I was also fortunate to work closely with the superiors of the production company Eddie and Mafadi, whom used to maneuver cameras at the time.

I think it’s fair to say “I started from the bottom” and I forcefully grew in my art, from collaborating with Sarona and Thandekile whom were producers then, to cover and shoot different magazine shows to shooting the NFD show AND shooting BLITZ on a regular basis. I was also part of the Crew that Shot and supplied Supersport with Content for the World Cup in 2010 which was quite exciting and a blessing to be a part of.

What gradually kicked me out of my comfort zone was when I was in Charge of Shooting at the Wits Business School: however, my Big Break came after I started shooting Love PSL for seasons in 2011/2012. I participated as a Runner/PA at the Confederation Cup Competition, which was the beginning of major accreditation and recognition and that’s when my journey in this profession elevated because of the show down, and as corny as it might sound the rest is history!! I have Travelled extensively within South Africa in the past  7 yrs: I have been in 8 African Countries and 5 continents to Date and I’m on my way to go shoot the Olympics for the second time, in Rio which I’m really looking forward to.

Here’s a record of my past productions:

• Shot and covered major sporting Tournaments like Cricket Tour in 2011 SA vs AUSTRALIA

•2012 I was granted an opportunity and experience to cover the Olympics and Paralympics which is by far the highlight of my Career.

• Shot the Common wealth Games in Scotland in 2014 in between that I Shot Few major sports event like the Laureal Awards and the British Premier.( the rest, apologetically I’ve forgotten 🙈🙈)

As a female working in a male dominated industry, I think it’s important to remember that there will always be people who will give you a hard time and think that you can’t do your job as well as a man. It’s very important to recognize that it’s their problem, not yours. I once read in a study Womenin Film and Television (WFTV) had done in 2009 with Skillset called “Why Her?” there was a piece and I quote “My gender will only hold me back if I allow it to. If someone doesn’t hire me, I don’t question the reason, I just move on. The competition is fierce. Why should it be a surprise I didn’t get a job? I certainly don’t want to feel I only got it because of affirmative action.  I want to get it because I was the best candidate, period.”

And there’s so much truth and rawness in that piece, because honestly I just think that if we keep doing what we are doing, being great and confident, we can inspire the next I believe there’s bunch of great camera women who are constantly put down and told they’ll never be able to do this job, but hey look,we doing it! I’m doing it!