With the Rio Olympics 2016 about to begin and since it is women’s month in South Africa we are looking back at all the South African female medalist who have made the country proud.
South Africa participated in their first Olympics in 1904 and at the time only men participated and women only joined in 1928 where bronze medals where given to the women for the 4x 100m freestyle relay in swimming. Over the years the women have brought back medals in swimming and athletics, the women who brought back the highest number if medals was Penny Heyns.

Below are some of the women who have won medals in South Africa:

1. 1928 Mary Bedford, Rhoda Rennie, Kathleen Russell, Freddie van der Goes Womens 4x 100m freestyle relay
2. 1952 Esther Brand Athletics, Women High Jumps (gold), Joan Harrison, Swimming, Women’s 100m backstroke (gold), Daphne Hasenjager Athletics, Womens 100metres
3. Elana Meyer Barcelona 1992 silver Medal in 10,000m run
4. In Atlanta Penny Heyns two gold medals swimming, bronze in Sydney
5. Marianne Kriel bronze in swimming
6. Caster Semenya 2silvers in women 800m
7. Hestrie Cloete silver medal athletics, women’s high jump
These are the women who have made South Africa proud over the years. As a country (including the men) we only have a total of 70 medals that we have won it’s a tremendous achievement, but we want to achieve more than that and we are hoping that the Rio Olympics 2016 will make the country achieve greater results than before.

South Africa has come a long way since it joined the Olympics in 1904 and since South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) has been formed the country has grown with advanced training for all male and female.

Women have become stronger and more recognized in sport and we hope that they will carrying on making the country proud in football, swimming, athletics, netball and hockey, just naming some of the sporting codes.

We are looking forward to the Olympics and we continue to recognize all South African athletes that will make South Africa proud and increase the medals that will be won.