Alvina Naicker is an upbeat self-starter, and an assertive, entrepreneur who has earned an outstanding reputation. Alvina started her career at the free state provincial government where she was tasked to implement the government project called: Operation Hlasela, a media platform used to showcase what each MEC was delivering to the people of the Free state, thereafter she joined Kaelo stories of hope a CSI programme on etv that allowed various Corporate companies to showcase their CSI projects.
In 2012 She relocated to Cape Town where she was headhunted by Chippa united football whilst they were still in the NFD league as the PR and Media Manager for the club.
She also headed up client relations for the ENGEN U17 football tournament in 2012. 2013 saw her establish FX Productions specializing in digital marketing media solutions & Social Media management, her clients include, Coca-Cola FIFA WORLD CUP TROPHY TOUR, ABSA football, Basketball national league, Basketball south Africa, FIVB INTERNATIONAL BEACH Volleyball, KFC Mini-cricket, Future Champions U15 football league 2014, 2015, 2016, Barclays premier league Africa tour 2015/2016; we offer a range of services to our clients ranging from digital marketing ,TV production, social media management and sports PR.

She is one of the many self-motivated young women that prove that if you no bird and no net you then you should be a free human being with an independence will. Today the young upcoming publicist extraordinaire Alvina Naicker the owner and manager of FX Productions at an amazingly young age has worked and represented big names such as the Basketball National League, Basketball South Africa,Barclays Premier league Africa campaign,FIFA World Cup Trophy tour,Gauteng Sports Awards, ABSA Rekaofela bus launch;ABSA trophy tour 2014/2015; and many more, she has since built her business on growing her brand alongside courting these big names.

FX Productions is a modern fast-paced company; it’s privately owned (Pty limited) conceptualising, producing and executing communications, documentaries, live web streaming, implementing creative and innovative ideas to achieve and obtain publicity through new social media and sports media resolutions. While many privately owned production companies go through financial problems because of the economic downturn in South Africa FX sees to prosper because her only aim is to keep channelling her energies into promoting and finding her own niche in this crowded PR Sector. “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others, my courage always rises at every attempt to make me grow and make me a stronger woman” she says, which is evident that PR is a shrewd rough game.
Prior to her current position she was once a young girl just like any other female with a vision and a purpose and that’s why Alvina Naicker believes in mentoring and motivating other young females that are aspiring to be within the Sports and PR business as her company recruits interns with common interests “women empowering women” is undoubtedly the most important feature of FX Productions. She is involved and working on many big projects and in many initiatives which proves you can be your own boss but that doesn’t mean the time is yours therefore it’s important to team up with people that have the same vision and value as you ;to take the lead and as a leader not be in control all the time, she says. Women in Sports has since been a dilemma that’s still being unpacked however, there’s no stopping the forever humble, ambitious, Alvina Naicker, she is currently still building her brand and ready to stay relevant within this fickle arena.
What is your vision for the company?
Fx productions will leave behind a legacy of digital marketing (social media, PR & tv production agency, driven by a woman who empowered other females… I am not just building a company, BUT A BRAND .

What is the business focus of FX Productions?
TV & online production
Social media agency
Sports PR

Its not common to find all female companies. Why do you support women empowerment?
Throughout my working career, I found my female managers, not supportive or encouraging.
We unfortunately live in a world, where if you, feminine,(petite in my case) you don’t have a place in the sports world, and your ideas, in the boardroom etc, are shut down…and so I decided I will be the voice for this “cause” I will set new boundaries in stilletos, make-up long nails and dresses , yes it wont be easy but one day at a time…
And already, people have taken notice.

What has been your biggest learning over the past decade with FX Productions?

Deposits before tournament/work has to be done
Non-disclosure agreement on all my proposals
And most of all, not everyone will understand your journey as a businesswoman and that you don’t always have free time.

Tell us about the women who make up FX Productions?
Simphiwe Simango—studying sports management is the community manager
Zoe Aphane-sports management student is our in-house writer and sport journalist

What are some of the big events you have worked with or partnered along the way?
FIFA Coca world cup trophy tour in 2013
International beach volleyball tournament 2013-2015
Absa Premiership trophy tour 2014/2015
Basketball national league 2013-2015

What makes you proud to be a woman?
I have the abilities to be a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, Wife, mother, chef, stylist and do each task with love and dedication. I can do all these proudly BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN.